Not Another Word, CC

On this little blog, I have always made it perfectly clear who the most important people in my life are. I mention how much I love them, and why I love them on a blogly (yes, I just made that word up.) basis.
But I'm ashamed to say it has been brought to my attention recently, that I haven't dedicated enough time to a certain person...

Catherine Camera Almeida

How have I not rambled on about this girl sooner??
CC, as she is called on the streets, is my best friend. 
I've known her since I was a little girl, but we really bonded by junior and senior year of high school. Alysha, CC, and I became inseparable in those two years, despite how annoying everyone else thought we were. 

CC never fails to make me laugh, I can't ever spend more than a few hours with her without breaking out in laughter. Her laugh is very contagious. 
She was also always there for me. some of my hardest times in high school, which all seem very trivial now, I got through because of this girl. 

She also knew how to put us all in our place.
She might be the youngest out of our group of friends but you'd never know it.
Anytime we were doing something, or saying something that CC didn't think was right, she could make us feel guilty with one look. One eye brow raise. 
She made us better people, or at least she made me a better person. 

Now that I am in college and CC is in her last year of high school, our relationship has changed a bit.
She found some lucky new friends, and we all moved forward in our lives. 
We don't talk on the phone everyday, or text every detail of our lives to each other, cause we don't need to.
Every time I come home to this girl, it's like things never changed. 
In-fact, most of these reunions lead to happy tears, which is a little bit ridiculous, but thats us. 
I know that girl will always be here for me.
And I can't wait for her to be up at USU with me in the fall!!!
love love love Miss Catherine Almeida. 

Some precious moments we've shared together... 

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