An Afternoon Alone

My apartment has been vacated for Easter weekend except for me!

I dont know why I refer to this place as an apartment, but a dorm doesn't really fit either. Plus, apartment sounds cooler, and makes me sound older. Am I right?

I had my own room for the first time this semester last night, and I am loving it!
Not that I don't love my roommies. I love all of them dearly.

But now I can sleep in till noon without worrying about the judgements, which are all in my head. Most importantly, I can dance around to my music in whatever clothing, or lack there of, I would like. Which I have been doing for the past hour. 
Avril and Ke$ha have been serenading me as loud as my laptop will allow, while JB watches from the family room. 

So my morning, which is really afternoon, looks a lot like this.
Yep, I'm rocking the sweats and the bun hair at 2 in the afternoon. Not ashamed.