Del Taco and 80's Night!

I can't believe another weekend has come and gone!
I could of sworn I was just barely blogging about my last weekend, and here I am about to do it again.

Well I had another perfect weekend in Logan.

Friday I spent some time quality time with my besties, and then Dave decided that we needed to make a late night run to Del Taco at 1 in the morning.
You see, Del Taco is a very special place for us Orem kids. It is a consistent craving of mine and pretty much my only complaint about Logan.
They don't have a Del.
But when you need some Del, you need some Del. So we got our Logan family together and drove to Ogden to get me some hard tacos.
And let me tell ya, it was worth every second of the little trip.

Saturday I went to another frat party. Who knew those things were so fun?!
This time is was 80's themed, so we dressed up, got the gang together and spent another night dancing our bums off. Seriously, we were there form 10:30 until 1. 
Im pretty sure I dropped 5 pounds on that dance floor. It was too much fun. 
We grabbed a late night snack after at Taco Bel. (notice the mexican food addiction) and called it a night around 4. 

My 80's Besties for Lifey

All the girls. We actually made new girlfriends, its a miracle. And we love them. 

Sunday, I got my patriarchal blessing.
Ah, what an overwhelming and extremely cool experience.
There really isn't much I can share about it, but trust me when I tell you it was amazing.
It was also amazing to have my parents and sister apart of the whole thing.
How lucky am I that they would drive all the way up here just for little old me?!? 

The weekend was PERFECT. 
I am a lucky girl. 

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