David's Bday

I appear to be one of the only people on the blogosphere who didn't watch the royal wedding last night. Not that I'm not curious, I am, and I will probably watch all the programs on E! that are associated with it.
But it was a special occasion for my Logan family, so I couldn't tune in live.

Today is Dave's birthday!!!
So naturally last night we went over to his apartment right at midnight with two, perfect homemade cakes. We continued the celebration by dragging out the mattresses onto the floor and having a slumber party with the gang.
We talked, watched movies till 5 in the morning, and then continued to crash in the family room.

It was a worthy occasion to miss the wedding, but now I must spend my day catching up on the nuptial activities I missed last night.

The Cakes.

We love Davey

The Slumber Party with the Family!

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