The End is Near

School is ending and this means a few things for me...

1. My last group project for my Media Smarts class.
I am surprised I haven't blogged about these projects before, because let me tell ya, they have slowly consumed my life. And as this last project's due date gets closer, the time I spend in the library get more and more ridiculous.
6 hours of straight ridiculousness to be exact.
But I love my group, we have bonded over all those library visits.
so I count myself lucky.

Alex is my favorite. You can't tell by this picture, but he is dreamy :)

Ill almost miss these nights when the semester ends.

2. I will find out about my princess future! I occupy lots of my time by checking my e-mail constantly. But Bri says they will torture me and probably not let us know till Friday... Rude. 

3. I am trying to soak up every second with my USU loved ones before I have 4 months of separation, or in some cases 2 years. Everything lately seems to remind me how little time we have left. 
Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who is completely stressing out at this thought! Aren't you stressed?!?!

4. I am losing some motivation for my classes... or rather one class.
You all know what class I'm referring to.
That is what I look forward to most, the END of that class and the misery it brings into my blissful life. 
But we cant really talk about my true feelings about this class cause my parentals read this blog and I will receive one unhappy phone call...
School is so much fun Mom and Dad, I love it soooo much :)

So one of the biggest chapters in my life is coming to an end. I can't believe how fast my first year in college flew by. Even though I am stressed, and heartbroken to see it end, I am excited for what comes next... 
whatever that is. 


  1. I recognize that boy. He has a twin, yes?

  2. oh my gosh! haha yes! too small of a world right now