Boring but It's Looking Up

I have 25 followers now.
which is nothing compared to the hundreds other blogs have, but to little me, that number is pretty flattering.
So I have been feeling the need to blog to my 25 followers.. as a thank you for following?

The problem is, there is nothing to blog about.

Im trying to think of any kind of story to tell about my life the past couple days, and I've got nothin.

The boy dropped off of the face of the earth for a few days, he does that sometimes.
School. blah blah blah.
Group meetings. Everyday.
I registered for next fall, which is a very boring story.
They are all relatively boring stories really.

But stay tuned for the weekend. It is bound to be more exciting.
and if somehow I had 26 or 27 followers by saturday, I'd promise to make it even more exciting.

Pillow-fight dances, true aggie night, and a wedding. (unfortunately not mine)
just to wet your appetite.

[Dad it's been awhile since you offered some great blog ideas. just saying]

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