my tis said something kind of dumb

The following is a true story.

My mom is mocking me for even bothering to put $130.00 shoes in my Nordstrom's online bag. Making it very clear she will NEVER spend that much money on a pair of heels. A girl can dream.
 "That's against our religion", My dad says jokingly.

And then Bri pipes in "Is it really?"... everyone looks at her, thinking she cannot be serious (she is),
We continue to stare, "What? I didn't watch ALL of conference."

This story is currently in the process of being quoted, and re-quoted within the family. It gets me every time.


  1. do you guys need help coming up with your own nickname? We will help you!

  2. Dear Jaclyn
    You should be flattered that so much of our language is COMPLETELY adopted from you and Jo... We give you full credit, but we shall continue to use the term tis.
    If it makes you feel any better, we will not ever use the term Brover