memory lane strikes again

A friend of mine at work is in love, and we have been discussing how in the world he can bring up the marriage conversation. Such a scary topic in a relationship headed in said direction.

Zane and I danced around the "M" word for about a month.
Little phrases and words implying a mutual future. Dates planned months ahead of time. I have a journal entry for every occasion Zane inched towards the big M.

I tried to pinpoint the moment Marriage became a spoken topic, so I could help my friend move his own process along, but could not.

I asked Zane if he remembered, he didn't even hesitate.

I came to visit him at work, took a seat on his lap, and said "I want to marry you. Just wanted to say it out loud."

And marry we did. 3 months later.

Thank goodness someone said it. 

Sometimes I wonder where that blunt and brave girl went. 
I haven't seen her in the mirror lately. 

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