Happy Easter

The bunny visited us a little early, due to the fact that I am a snoop.
A package arrived Friday afternoon while Zane was at work, and I figured I would find out was inside eventually. So I opened it.

Surprise! It was a present for me.
My cute husband remembered my favorite childhood memory I had only mentioned once. Sometimes he can be quite the thoughtful one.

So because I ruined his surprise, it only seemed fair we both woke up Sunday morning with no presents. 

I had a little more time to make mine look cutesy. 

Saturday we had our annual Easter egg hunt with all the cousins I have a small obsession with. Naturally the get together led to picture overload. I will try to control myself and only post my absolute favorites. 

My sister mentioned on her blog that the theme she noticed in all the pictures I took was all the father-daughter love. Though that may be true, I noticed a different theme...

Anyone else see the theme here? or is it just the baby hunger talkin'?

Hope your Easter was filled with love, family, and lots of goodies. 


  1. A Tac! A Tac! And never look back....

  2. yay baby hungry!! have lots. they are so fun.

  3. The thief and the cobbler was my childhood! It took me and my sister forever to find it, but we got it this last christmas! I love it!