Soul Surfin Yes Women

Yesterday I was inspired by 2 pretty stupid movies.

Soul Surfer and Yes Man.

The first had me and my Susan's eyes welling with tears, wishing we lived in Hawaii, but mostly wishing we were doing something with our lives.
The second we went through a lot in order to get our hands on.
A few days ago I saw Yes Man in the 5 dollar bucket at Walmart, I remember cause I stared at it debating whether or not I was going to buy it for 10 minutes. So when Susan and I simultaneously decided we both wanted to watch Yes Man, I knew exactly where to get it.
The problem was that the bucket had been refilled recently and all we could find was a million copies of The Pursuit of Happiness. Naturally we decided to take out all of the movies and stack them on the ground until Yes Man was found.

Somehow these 2 pieces of pure art inspired a lifestyle change for me and Sue. 
We are done worrying about the future so dang much. Every thought, every action, does not need to relate back to the big f. Instead, we are going to do whatever we feel like doing RIGHT NOW. 
or at least we are going to try... I've been a hardwired planner since birth so it'll be a tough habit to break. 
In addition to the right now, we are going to be Yes Women!
Not quite as drastically devoted to the word yes as Jim Carry was, but we are still entering into a committed relationship.
Hopefully all that yes leads to something worthwhile. 

Join us?! It's gonna be loads of fun.