Day 2

I had my first love when I was 12 years old.
I told you I love love, and love relationships, but I failed to mention how truly early that love developed.

I was in 7th grade, with long, middle parted, uncolored hair.
So long ago that all of those have already come back in style, 

His name was Conner Hansen. He was obsessed with me, and still had braces. 
(but he was handsome, okay?!.)

He would call me on my home phone, after 9 when he got free minutes, every single day, until one day I fell in love. 

Except for the fact that I wouldn't let him talk to me at school, and our moms had to drop us off at each others houses, we had a fairly mature relationship for preteens. 
We talked on the phone everyday, we spent time together everyday, we had mutual friends, our families loved each other, and loved that me and conner loved each other even more.

He was the first to hold my hand, cuddle with me on the couch, and kiss me in the doorway.

We planned our marriage, until 8th grade came around and I decided he apparently wasn't THE ONE. 

That's when the slew of many boyfriends began... but that's really another story for another time. 

Granted we were not old enough to know anything about real love, but whatever love there is when you are 12, we were in it. 

And we stayed friends. 
For years every time my heart was broken, I called Conner. He always knew what to say.

After all this time the only picture I have of us is sophomore year, 
with my 12 extra pounds and Conner's lovely middle finger. 

Conner is now serving a mission, for those of you wondering where he ended up :)


  1. on lyssa's porch!!! (: hahahah Cute! I love this (:

  2. Kissing? Oh I am not sure I should be reading this blog :O