Blog Titling

My adorable friend Hillary is going to start a blog soon, {don't worry I will let you know how to stalk her when it comes time} so tonight we sat at Farr's ice cream trying to think of clever titles. I was not good at this...

Let's go ahead and state the obvious, my title is not clever. 
In fact it's just a mouthful. 

When you create a blog spur of the moment, and it's asking you to type a title, the pressure is on. You didn't think this through, you have no idea why you are even trying to come up with a cute title cause you have absolutely no idea how to blog, and no one is ever going to read it anyway.
All I could think was "I'm pretty sure I can't do this..."

And Tada! Title, donezo. 

Now that I discovered I love blogging, and some people actually read what I write, my blog title is something I choose to ignore, and I invite you to do the same. 


  1. Lets just say your not the most cleaver one in the bunch:) But i did get a kick out of the blog titles you created for me last night. Your great. The end.

  2. You can change it if you really don't like it :)