Bumpin with the Borups

So the truth is finally going to come out...
I am going to open up to all of you followers.

Im addicted to the Kardashians, it' a guilty pleasure.
Any form of the Kardshians. Khloe and Lamar, kourtney and Kim, just the whole K  Klan in general.  
This is a little embarrassing to admit. I am aware that they are not the ideal role models for anyone, but basically I want to be them. 
More specifically, I want to be Kourtney. She is cracks me up.
"clench your teeth, clench em." 
(newest episode reference)

I am afraid I am more like Kim though, not in "the hot sister" way but in the "not even half as entertaining as the other sisters" way. Im working on it. 

My sister and I decided we are going to be like the kardashians. 
The Borup sistas people, watch out! Soon you are going to hate how much you love us.
And when you are talking about us, we want you to somehow work in the phrase, "Bumpin' up with the Borups". Thank you!
(my sister just told me that was "REALLY stupid"... see what happens when I try to be funny?!? failure.)

We are just as pretty right?! 
(Photo taken as we blog and watch the kardashians)

Potential guilty pleasure, Ice loves CoCo. Look into it, if you have a soft spot for all things E!. 

So hey, now that I have shared a dirty secret with you, will you all just follow me already. publicly would be preferred. There is something about your blog being followed that just makes you feel good, so consider it charity. 
Cause I KNOW you're reading this!!!

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