unorganized thoughts on the current season


Zane and I are still thoroughly enjoying fall. The colored leaves covering the trees, and the ground, are more beautiful than freshly fallen snow, or the blossoms of spring.
The concept of raking leaves is completely lost and us. Other than creating a pile to jump in, of course.

Halloween has come and gone. Rather anti-climatically. I dressed up for work, but later came home, removed my nose, and spent the night in. Which was fine with me, the truth is, nothing makes me happier than watching Vampire Diaries on Netflix with Zane, and our fireplace. I mean, if I had to describe fall in one word, it would probably be cozy.
cozy. cozy. cozy. Just the way it's supposed to be.
Which is why I am rather tired of this 70 degree nonsense, it's time for 60 and below. This girl isn't getting out of bed unless it involves knee high boots, and a sweater. Can I get an amen?

The next couple weeks hold great adventures, I can feel it. A best friends sealing, Thanksgiving, a trip to California, and quite possibly the most important, Breaking Dawn part 2!
Then, before we know it, Christmas will be around the corner! I can hardly contain the excitement. Christmas radio may, or may not, happen daily. So shoot me.

I hope everyone's fall season is feeling as magical as mine.

**On a very irrelevant side note, 91 followers? are you kidding me?
I can't believe 91 people want to read this little thing. 
Now, this isn't your cue to tell me that you actually hate this blog, and possibly me, but my opportunity to say thank you. I feel like I might be in love with all 91 of you.**

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  1. Fall really is the best of all the seasons!!! Also you make a pretty cute reindeer