hellooo baby

Friday Zane's brother Sonny, and his wife Kara, had their first little baby, Noel.
I have a lot of cute, special little people in my life, but I think I am going to have a soft spot for this one.

She is the first one I'm able to be a part of from start to finish, and be old enough to appreciate it all.
She is the first one I will get to watch Zane adore from start to finish. (Which is pretty dang sexy)
She is the first one to make the old uterus ache. Yeah, I said uterus.

Seriously, how cute is that picture?

 With a new baby in the family, Christmas, and a tuition payment around the corner, I have too many conflicting desires. My goals in life seem to be mutually exclusive.
Ain't that the way it goes.

Welcome to the world Baby Noel!

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