things I should probably never say out loud

This wonderfully long holiday weekend was supposed to be fabulous, like all your pictures I watched pop up on Instagram, but, well, it wasn't. Blame it on my Uncle Jon.
Zane got a nasty stomach bug Friday night. The first of our marriage.
I think I handled all the grossness pretty well, if I do say so myself. Except for the fact that I spent most of the weekend feeling sorry for myself.
Granted, I wasn't the one sleeping on the bathroom floor, so like any normal human being, I should of been grateful. Except I was bored out of my mind.
I couldn't just leave Zane home alone on the bathroom floor. What are spouses for if not to wait on your hand and foot, and medicate you, when sick? Thus, I sat at home, and watched a looooooot of television. Which led to the extreme boredom, and the sulking.
(Being able to twist any situation till it becomes about me is one of the few talents I possess. Something I inherited from both of my grandmothers I'm sure.)
I mean, at least if I was the sick one my mind would be preoccupied with my own suffering, and I would lose a couple LB's, right?

So there it is. The cat's out of the bag. I'm a horrible person. 

On the bright side, where I rarely find myself,  we were able to decorate for Christmas before all the vomiting began.

Our first tree.

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  1. I'm the same way. I'm a major hypochondriac too. I wish I wasn't so self-centered.