Day 2

Saturday morning I helped my cute dad plant flowers as our Mothers Day gift to our Bethy.  
We've done this service for my mom years past, and mostly I only enjoy the end product. This year, I actually enjoyed all the diggin in the mud (with gloves on of course). Gardening can be kind of meditative. I am finding myself wishing to plant some pots of my own, and look forward to the day I have my own garden. 
But most of all, I enjoyed spending that time with my dad, and pooch, in the sun. 

 Tell me this isn't the prettiest pooch?!

That night we celebrated with my side of the family. 
It was my Uncle Brian's birthday a couple days before mine, so we decided to celebrate together. 
We had an absolutely delicious dinner at Chilis, followed by games and cake at my parents house. We even got to Skype with Bri to complete the Borup family circle. 

I love my family. 
These goofy people complete me. 


  1. :) Even though I was there, I love reading your re-cap of the event.

  2. It was a fun night! Glad I got to celebrate with you! :)