Birthday Celebration: Day 1

I really only had one big wish for my birthday this year, a new camera.
A nice, fancy one. One that will take crisp clean pictures of my future babies, and other adventures.
A camera I knew would cost a pretty penny.

Zane, as gentle as possible, convinced me that this was just not in the cards this year.
So I told everyone to not get me anything, but to help me save, so I could eventually buy myself a little camera.

But I came home from work on Friday, to a little surprise gift from Zane.

Some simple chairs I wanted, so we could spend some summer days reading on our little porch. 
Followed by a trip to the aquarium, in honor of my obsession with all things water. (If you haven't gone since they got their River Otters, you should go. They  truly are, "Otterly Adorable")

We took a lovely little nap afterwords, and then ate my weight in Chinese food at Shoots. It was a perfect day of celebrating. 

When we were home, Zane said he had one more surprise for me. "It's really small, and I don't know if you are going to like it."
Ta-da! My DREAM camera!!
I was surprised to say the least. Tears literally welled in my eyes, which is admittedly a little dramatic. 

We finished the night off by playing games with all my O'Gwin siblings.

The really great thing about having your birthday on Sunday, is you get the whole weekend to celebrate. And Friday was the perfect day to kick of the farewell to my teenage years. 

Thanks to Zane for a perfect day, you know me too well. And thank you to everyone who helped Zane keep my big surprise, a big surprise. 
Life is good, and the partying continues. 

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