Saying goodbye to 2014 and hopefully hello to blogging. again.

2014 has come and gone.
It was a good year, the highlights being a new job for both me and Zane, several trips to California that never get tired, too many late nights watching Batman and Superman cartoons, and lots of laughter and emotional breakdowns that come along with being young, in love, and penniless. 

My personal favorite part of 2014 would have to be the end of it. December 2014 marked three years of marriage, and more important (kind of), December was when Zane officially graduated from college! 

Once upon a time, there was a girl who grew up in a house where education was highly valued, and simply expected. I assumed everyone in america needed to graduate from college otherwise they were obviously lazy, and stupid. Then I went to college and realized it wasn't going to be all smooth sailing and pie eating like high school. Now years later, and blah, blah, and excuses excuses,  I have not graduated from college. But Zane has! and I have really come understand the determination, and discipline it took to get him where he is now. I am beaming with pride and excitement for the guy! (I'd also like to give myself a nice pat on the back for being a huge part of making that happen, because what talents do I possess if not the ability to make any situation about myself?)
So cheers to Zane (and me) for graduating with his Bachelors Degree in Digital Media from UVU!

What's sexier than having a college graduate for a husband?? NOTHING!

Bring it on 2015, we're ready for whatever comes next.


  1. Good job Zane! -- Someone is still reading your blog ;)

  2. Yay! You blogged! Keep it up... you can do it! I need blogs to read haha