Kanarraville Falls

I couldn't completely walk away from blogging about my hiking trip in southern Utah until I mention Kanarraville Falls.
I have done this hike twice now, and I need to declare how much I love it.


It's only about 5 miles round trip, depending on how far into the canyon you go. So you get the beauty of a slot canyon without the suffering that comes along with a longer canyon hike, like say, the Narrows.
It's a fairly easy hike, but there are a couple of obstacles that would make it difficult for the elderly, or small children.

Okay. That's all I really need to say, the photos really speak for themselves.

Photo Cred to my Uncle Brian Borup

Now go do it!


  1. I love Kannaraville Falls! Except one time I thought it was a good idea to try it in flip flops, and it turned out that that was a pretty bad idea. Never try it in flip flops.

  2. Thanks for the photo cred! That was fun!