utah lake

My birthday was on Tuesday.
Apparently it's not a nationally recognized holiday, so I had to work. 
Zane and I celebrated on Monday instead, which was just as sweet. After a morning spent at City Creek, Zane and I fought the urge to nap, and instead decided to take Red swimming at Utah Lake. 
Before we even got our pup, we knew our dog was going to love to swim. (future Splash Dog maybe?) And lucky for us, Red has taken to water like a fish. No hesitation, just pure excitement. 
It's basically the cutest thing, and we're obsessed with her. 

Candid. Could he be any cuter??

Later this week when the family was out in the backyard throwing around a frisbee, a game Red also excels at, my dad turned to me and said, "This is what life is about. It's not about having a lot of money... Just enough money to buy a dog."
For all you fellow dog lovers out there, you might agree. For everyone grossed out by dog kisses, and pet hair, what we're really saying is life is about family, and the little moments we get to spend together. The moments we disconnect from the TV, and our phones, stop worrying about work, and just enjoy each other.

A dog just gives you an excuse to make those moments happen. And a freaking cute excuse at that. 


  1. such a cute pup!! p.s. i tagged you in one of my recent posts. go check it out and participate if you'd like to.