Math Equals Misery

Math is pure misery.
There is a plethora of terrible things I would rather do than even think about math.

They include...

-Clean toilets.
-Run a marathon. (if you know me, you know this is big.)
-Eat beans and vegetables.
-Watch golf on TV.
-Wake up at 6 in the morning
-Have my fingernails ripped off.

Unfortunately I'm doing none of these things. 
I am sitting in a classroom listening to math lingo that is so painful I am considering changing my major; Mastering the custodial field sounds like heaven right now. 


  1. You may not like it, but you are totally capable of doing it. You are a smart!

  2. Well I guess this answers my FB question! Coming from someone who struggled with Math equally if not more than you do, I have some advice. Ahem,

    1. Math is 100% about what you tell yourself. I use to say I can't do it I don't get it I hate math over and over before I even tried to understand it. I had a teacher who taught me to do the opposite and it WORKS!! Sounds cheesy but it's so true!!!

    2. Math is soooooooooooooooooooo much easier in the summer! No busy work, half the work, and they go faster- which you'd think would make it harder but again, sooooooooooooo much easier!! The assignments are way shorter too. Take it at UVU during the summer!

    3. Just think of how EXCITED you will be when you're DONE!!!! Sometimes I think about how I'm done and I could just cry with pure joy. I honestly think it was one of the biggest challenges of my life haha.

    Ok this was wayyy longer than you wanted to read BUT I have many passionate feelings concerning how to pass math!! You will survive!!