Book Worms

Alysha texted me the other day and asked if she could borrow a book to read over Thanksgiving break.
I laughed out loud. 
Alysha does not read.
Other than scripture and textbooks, I have never seen her read a thing.
She argues that she is already 100 pages into a novel, but based off past performances she'll stop in the next 100 pages. 
It is a common problem and isn't the worst one the world; there are more important qualities to have that Lysh has mastered and I haven't. 
But I am the Queen of reading :)
One of the many things I got from my mama. 
I  love  reading.
Maybe more than reading, I love Borders
I could, and often do, sit in Borders for hours. Browsing for nothing specific, drinking a coco trio, just inhaling the smell of new books.

So when Lysha shared with me her goal to start reading more, I decided to take her to Borders. I am always a little more than eager to share with people my love for books and Borders. For some reason I am convinced they will fall in love with it the same way I have.
They never do. 
But Alysha and I went anyway. She patiently looked at books and sat in the cafe with me. I was actually holding out on her, I tried to be quick so she wouldn't get too frustrated... :)
Alysha walked away with no books, only because I own all the good ones and she can simply borrow. I walked away with 1 new read.
During the school year it is always harder for me to keep up with reading for pleasure, so I am excited to take a little break from the studies.

Hopefully Alysha discovers a book that will change her attitude about reading, so I can get her to come with me again. And maybe I won't hold back :)

Any book recommendations for my next trip to Borders??? I need some suggestions!


  1. I love browsing at Borders, I will come with you amytime! Joe and I sometimes do that for our date nights.

    I am reading a series right now called Blue Bloods. Have you heard of them? It's about vampires, yes I jumped on that band wagon. One of my yw recommended it to me. Her facebook profile pic used to be of Taylor Lautner- just to tell you a little bit about the recommendation source. Anyway, give them a try!

  2. Going to Boarders in one of my favorite things to do! Especially when it is snowy or rainy. Have you read the book Austen Land? It's by Shannon Hale. That book had me laughing out loud and almost crying. Everyone can relate to the main character. You should read it :) I'd let you borrow it, but you're all the way up in Logan! Maybe next time you come to Orem? Or you could just by it. It's a really short, easy, fun read. Trust me and read it!!!

  3. Thanks for the suggestions guys! I will look into both :)